I'm Stephanie Krause, artist and art teacher.  That's me there, leading a book arts class at Moonfrog Studio in GA.

I love books!  I have been making and illustrating books since I was a child - here are two pages from one of my second-grade creations, the riveting My Book of Word Problems (You Are Going To Like These!)  For examples of recent work, see My Art

I also love teaching, and since getting my masters in art education from RISD in 1997, I've been fortunate to teach in many different settings: museums, public and private schools, art centers, and privately.  My specialty is book art, though I am also an experienced museum and outreach educator, and I have classroom teaching experience as a general art specialist.

These days you can find me teaching weekend family programs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and book arts classes through numerous institutions or privately.   Click here for my current public class schedule.    

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