Here are a few random things.  I hope to add more to this page, but it's a start!

I created two cows for CowParade New York in 2000, one of them co-created with Robert Christie (my co-creator for The Book of Pi, on the Books page!).  I will (one day...really) post great close-ups so you can appreciate what they were all about. This page until very very recently contained a link to the CowParade site that showed great images of both of them - but CowParade revamped its website and got rid of its archive, d'oh! Until I upload my own photos, here's a tiny tiny image of "Mootress," the cow Rob and I created together, which is actually cushioned with foam like a mattress. (The other cow, "High Lactane," no longer exists in the online world. Ah! The fickle finger of the internet!)




This is Ernst, a puppet I made.  Ernst is very wise. Ask him anything! All he does is shrug in response :)
















And then of course there's my etsy shop, where you can find cards & prints & whatnot!

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