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[PLEASE NOTE: This page is geared toward visits with schools/organizations. If you are a parent, please note that I offer HOMESCHOOLING classes in different art subjects - not just bookmaking; details can be found on my upcoming classes link, found above. If you're interested in an at-home bookmaking lesson, click on "Book Parties" in the navigation bar at left for info on scheduling parties/lessons at your location!]

I've led book arts workshops for students of ages 6-18 in schools, museums, and libraries for over ten years.  I'd be delighted if you would like to to add your students to my roster!  You need only provide the table space; I will bring all materials, book samples and my contagious enthusiasm for book-making!

In schools, the projects I teach will vary, depending on your students' ages and curriculum needs.  I offer a one-time workshop of one to two hours in length, or a recurring workshop series, in which I work with your students several times over a period of weeks. 

A typical lesson focuses on teaching the students to create a particular book structure, but I can also include content ideas.  My background in illustration and graphic communications enables me to offer students excellent guidance on story planning and page layout, and design time can be woven into the overall lesson plan if you so desire. 

Thanks to my years of experience teaching book arts workshops, I come prepared!  I make sure materials are pre-cut and laid out, along with necessary tools, to maximize work time.  I may also hand out individual bags of supplies - whatever is most effective in your setting.  To the left is a photo of a table set up so students can get to work on their wraparound sketchbooks as soon as they arrive.

If you'd like to see photographs of students at work in some of my hour-long workshops, along with examples of student work, please click here.

My fee for a group of up to 25 students (the maximum) in a school starts at $300 for an hour-long workshop, but I will work with you to determine your needs. Please contact me to discuss your needs, and ways in which I could enhance your curriculum with a bookmaking workshop.


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