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This page is geared toward homeschool parents/guardians looking for class possibilities for their homeschooled child.

I have a masters in art education; I've worked as a high school art teacher, and taught classes for kids ages 4-18 (and adults!) in numerous settings throughout the city. I have experience teaching multiple media.

I adore the NYC homeschool community, and I've been lucky enough to teach homeschool art classes for the past several years. Due to my lack of a private teaching space, I've been limited to offering drawing classes (primarily classes to help kids develop the necessary skills to draw accurately from observation - which anyone can do, and which middle schoolers in particular find very satisfying), and museum education classes at the Metropolitan Museum. However, if you have a space in your home or teaching center where we can get messier, I can teach many different types of projects - puppet-making, basic printmaking, design, ceramics, etc.

Past classes have included:
Drawing 101 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Drawing Foundations
Drawing Exploration
(I love teaching drawing!)
Art Explorers at the Metropolitan Museum for kids & their grown-ups - exploring the Met through drawing and discussion, a family class



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Below are some sketches from the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, of the Slit Gong in the Oceanic galleries.

Below left, a student uses 'sighting' to measure proportions as he draws a sculpture; below right, a student explores the lights, shadows and reflections as he draws a still-life of a glass marble.

Below are before/after self-portraits; students did the portraits on the left before the first day of class as a pre-drawing to show their skill level, the drawings on the right are self-portraits they did after 10 weeks of instruction.

If you'd like to work with me to develop a homeschool class, please contact me!




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