Praise from teachers who participated in my Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition workshops, sponsored by the New York Board of Education:

  • "Absolutely fantastic! Excellent bookmaking ideas, demo tips, prep tips. Sources and bibliography included. Great fun for teachers and kids!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I learned so much about simple and easy bookmaking for children. I will definitely use the ideas."
  • "I thought this was an excellent workshop and I really got a lot of ideas on binding books. I am very excited about going back to my school and trying it out."
  • "Very thorough and well-prepared workshop."
  • "Very very helpful. So much fun!"

Praise from teachers who took my Bookbinding for Teachers class at the Center for Book Arts:

  • “This is the clearest, best-organized, most helpful workshop I’ve ever attended!”
  • "...easy to understand, and very generous with time and materials."

Praise from students/parents:

  • This is indirect praise, but a fifth-grade boy who attended one of my New York Public Library workshops in the Bronx decided to forego his assigned computer time slot in order to stay in my class and finish his book.  The library aide told me, "You have no idea what that means.  That is an amazing compliment." 
  • “Ms Krause, you jump around more than any other teacher in this school. Even the guys.” -Laughingly delivered by Anthony, a high-school junior in my Design & Color class at St. Peter's Preparatory School
  • "[Stephanie is] cheerful, thorough, interested, exciting, involving, engaging, curious, genuine, friendly, captivating, enthusiastic... and to say more I would need my thesaurus." -Emailed to my museum supervisor from a parent in one of my family programs
  • "Stephanie's approach to visiting a museum has been a gift for my whole family; it has forever changed our museum-going experience. And though her classes are always well thought out and organized, the real gem is how passionate she is about the material and how much she cares as a teacher." -Ron D., homeschool parent
  • "It was the highlight of our homeschool year. Stephanie is a master teacher who goes to great lengths to bring art to life. The class is controlled, quiet, thoughtful, smart and creative. We ventured into areas of the Met I had never been to and studied pieces I would have walked right by. After a few hours with Stephanie you leave the Met smarter, inspired and excited for the next class. This class is a gem." -Elizabeth K, homeschool parent
  • "I treasure our visits last year as one of my favorite homeschool experiences ever! ... I never imagined I could have such a great time drawing in a museum." -Anne K, homeschool parent

Praise from supervisors:

  • “Stephanie has the capacity to transform the visual arts program in any school where she is the art teacher.” -Recommendation letter from Paul Sproll, PhD, Head, Department of Art Education,
    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
  • “Steph brings a joy and devotion to her craft that is rarely seen. She has an excellent method of approaching beginning level students with her clear and effective manner.” -Recommendation letter from Patter Hellstrom, Fine Arts Chairperson, St Peter’s Prep,
    Jersey City, NJ
  • “Stephanie couples her book-making expertise with an engaging approach to which children and adults respond with equal enthusiasm.” -Recommendation letter from Sarah Nicholls, Program Manager, Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

A super-cool bit of praise from one of my favorite author/illustrators:

  • “She is one of the most talented young illustrators I’ve seen.”
    Lane Smith, author/illustrator (John, Paul, George, & Ben; The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs; The Stinky Cheese Man; many more), in conversation with my mother

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