Here are links for things I think are neat and/or useful.  Perhaps you will, too!



Bookzoompa - The amazing blog of Paula Beardell Krieg, an absolutely wonderful and inspiring book arts teacher who shares ideas and lessons here. I took a class with her years ago and learned so much!

The Center for Book Arts - Interested in learning to make books?  Or need to hone existing skills?  CBA is an incredible place to learn, with a great variety of classes for all skill levels.  I teach Bookbinding for Teachers there.

Philobiblon - A fantastic reference site for book arts, with tutorials, links, galleries, and the Book_Arts-L listserv.

Making Books - The website of Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord, book artist and art teacher.  She offers great tips & tricks for teachers and parents.

Booklyn Artists' Alliance - A Brooklyn-based book arts organization.  Click on the "Education" link on their site for a free download of their Education Manual.


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Willing to Try - An outside-the-box, mind-opening graphic exploration designed by amazing illustrator Richard McGuire - better to experience than read about.  Just go there & check it out! 

Wolf Erlbruch - A German illustrator, who is my illustration HERO.  He has several different styles, each with its own appeal; I think he's amazing.

Puppet Heap - Paul Andrejco is a brilliant illustrator and puppetmaker.  You can view some great little videos of some of his earlier puppetry performances. 

Henrik Drescher - My first illustration "crush."  Like Erlbruch, he experiments with different styles.

Crutonia - Rob Christie was my CowParade & Books2Eat collaborator; his blog explores the magical invented world of Crutonia, and showcases his incredible imagination and illustration skills. Check out his fantastic graphic novels about Crutonia!

Along the Way - Honor Woodard is a talented photographer, painter, jewelry-maker, and bodyworker. I've taught book arts workshops at her studio. Her photos capture some of the wonder and mystery of the world around us. 

Roaming Pixels - My husband Phil maintains this photo blog, which contains his wonderful photos of an eclectic variety of subjects.

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(Just because it's my jam!)

Weston A. Price Foundation - A website devoted to traditional nutrition, as based on the research of Dr. Weston A. Price.  Completely antithetical to the traditional dietary establishment - butter?  Raw milk?  Coconut oil?  Egg yolks?  Fermented grains?  A fascinating alternative take on what "healthful eating" really is.

Alexander Technique - Alexander Technique is an amazing form of psychophysical re-education - it's movement education, helping you learn you how to move with ease.  A fantastically helpful modality for helping one's body to heal from injury, for learning how to move more easily within any given task, or learning to move comfortably in general.  This website provides information on the modality as well as practitioner referrals. 

Feldenkrais - Feldenkrais is another wonderful movement re-education modality; this website offers lots of information and practitioner referrals.  If you're in the NYC area, check out Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais NYC.

The International Center for Reiki Training - Reiki is a Japanese form of stress-reduction, based on the laying-on of hands.  It's wonderfully calming and centering.   I am a Reiki practitioner - contact me if you are interested in a session.  

Zero Balancing - A bodywork modality that combines elements of Eastern and Western medicine, among them massage, acupressure, and osteopathy.  By the end of a session, you feel completely transformed and deeply grounded.  This site explains Zero Balancing in greater detail and provides practitioner links.   

Feel Integrated - A little bit of well-deserved nepotistic shilling!  This is my husband Phil's website - he's a talented licensed massage therapist, offering Swedish massage, CFT (Craniosacral Fascial Therapy) and Jin Shin Jyutsu (yes, I know I'm lucky!).  If you're in the NYC area, he comes highly recommended (not just by me!).

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