Here are links for things I think are neat and/or useful.  Perhaps you will, too!



Philobiblon - Fantastic reference site for book arts, with tutorials, links, galleries, and the Book_Arts-L listserv.

Making Books - The website of Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord, book artist and art teacher.  She offers great tips & tricks for teachers and parents.

Bookzoompa - The blog of Paula Beardell Krieg, an amazing book arts teacher.  She offers some great handouts and tutorials for teachers and parents, as well as great photos of student work.

Booklyn Artists' Alliance - A Brooklyn-based book arts organization.  Click on the "Education" link on their site for a free download of their Education Manual.

The Center for Book Arts - Interested in learning to make books?  Or need to hone existing skills?  CBA is an incredible place to learn, with a great variety of classes for all skill levels.  I was their Featured Artist in 1995 and learned so much during my time with them! I teach Bookbinding for Teachers there.

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Wolf Erlbruch - A German illustrator, who is my illustration HERO.  He has several different styles, each with its own appeal; I think he's amazing.

Henrik Drescher - My first illustration "crush."  Like Erlbruch, he experiments with different styles.

Puppet Heap - Paul Andrejco is a brilliant illustrator and puppetmaker.  You can view some great little videos of some of his earlier puppetry performances. 

Crutonia - Rob Christie was my CowParade & Books2Eat collaborator; his blog explores the magical invented world of Crutonia, and showcases his incredible imagination and illustration skills. Check out his fantastic graphic novels about Crutonia!

Moonfrog Studio - Honor Woodard is a talented photographer, painter, and jewelry-maker. She owns the little studio in NE Georgia where I've taught book arts workshops. 


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